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With each web client, develops five web layout samples.  This is done to help each client see what potential there is for design and content.  As our clients choose and implement a design the samples will be added to this page.  The process from concept to actual upload of a website can be a complicated process … but always well worth the work. believes that options give rise to possibility, and we wish your possibilities to be endless.

Most of the samples below are from the Wichita Clinic, PA.  They had us design the Business Office intranet pages.  Unfortunately not all are displayed here.  Very special thanks to Shely O’Laughlin, former Patient Accounts Manager for the Wichita Clinic, for her inspiring leadership.  It was she who first gave encouragement, guidance, and faith to Krystofer Eryk that really made possible.  It was her guidance that successfully launched the Dreamship.


Index page for the Wichita Clinic Business Office Intranet website.

An inner content page from the Business Office intranet index website.

The index page for the Coding Department for the Wichita Clinic intranet website.

An inner content page from the Coding Department intranet website.

A content page from the Wichita Clinic Patient Accounts intranet website.  This particular page was used to access both form field documents and PDF documents that we built.

Index page for the Credit Depart of the Wichita Clinic intranet website.

Index page for the Doctor's only access area of the Wichita Clinic intranet website.

Content page from the Wichita Clinic's Human Resource Department intranet website.

Originally this never used site was designed for the Wichita Clinic for recruitment purposes. 

One of the inner content pages from the recruitment site.

The Kids of Hope website.  This site included Flash pages that the children could inner act with and learn biblical lessons.

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